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23-Jan-2018 07:30

There are certain groups of people that will spend endlessly if they want to see something, and teenage boys have disposable income. 2: Men Men don’t like romantic comedies — or if they do, they can’t admit it.

Mel Gibson plays a marketer who specializes in testosterone-slick ads starring cool dudes and chicks in bikinis.Her wedding veil was tattered, and someone had spilled coffee on her white satin dress. Once, she’d been worth a fortune — at least 0 million, according to her friends, who sat at home and rewatched tapes of her at her prime. In 1997, there were two romantic comedies among the top 20 box office performers. Contrast that with 2013: There’s not one romantic comedy in the top 50 films. Men and women are still falling in love, of course.